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If you love and appreciate the beauty and wonder of nature,
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Over 200 Artists & 1000 Prints & Canvases

Artist Dennis Mayer

Jerry Gadamus

Originals for Sale by Jerry Gadamus

We have many new Sam Timm Canvases !

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We are adding a new artist to our gallery family!

Rozan Henning.
" Born and raised in Milwaukee, WI. I have been drawing horses since 5 years of age. I don't paint just to sell, I paint & create to get these deep feelings and ideas out of my soul and onto the canvas."

See her page-click here.

We LOVE her, hope you will too!

Prints, 8 x 10s and Greeting Cards. Horses, Cows and farm life.

5 x 7 Cards $3.00. 8 x 10 $20.00, 18 x 13 (size varies) $40.00

Photos are blurry, her prints are not!


NEW from Denis Mayer Jr

"Aerial Intencity"

Giclèe Canvas
Available in 3 sizes

8 x 26___ $170 R.E.___ $200 A.P.
13 x 41___ $400 R.E.___ $480 A.P.
18 x 56___ $650 R.E. ___$780 A.P.

Ariel Intensity - Owl -Denis Mayer Jr


"Echoes in the Mist"

Giclèe Canvas
Available in 3 sizes

15 x 10___ $150 R.E.___ $175 A.P.
21 x 19___ $3350 R.E.___ $400 A.P.
41 x 28___ $625 R.E. ___$720 A.P.



Carl Brenders

"Shell Game"

(now beautiuflly framed!)


NEW from Sam Timm

"Sunflowers & Cardinals"

Bright Warm Beautiful Canvas
Availible in multiple sizes ranging from
8" x 10" for $25.oo and up.


From Denis Mayer Jr

Giclèe Canvas
"Another Lonesome Night" "

Click here to see at the gallery.
Click on pcitures below to see available framing options.
Putting the Extordinary into Framing!

Sizes Available

Giclée Canvas 33 " x 40" A/P $750.00
Giclée Canvas 33 " x 40" $640.00

Giclée Canvas 28" x 30" A/P $700.00 * We have #1 A/P
Giclée Canvas 28" x 30" $575.00

Giclée Canvas 10" x 13 A/P $150.00 * We have #1 A/P SOLD
Giclée Canvas 10" x 13 $125.00


Click her for
Twice the Love



Giclèe Canvas
9.25" x 16.5 " $150.00 RegEdition
9.25" x 16.5" $175.00 Artist's Proof Edition

"Fearless Warrior"

NEW from Denis Mayer Jr

Click to enlarge

Giclée Canvas 35 " x 26" s/n $650.00

Giclée Canvas 24" x 18" s/n $380.00 * We have #1/275

Giclée Canvas 10" x 13 A/P $150.00 * We have #1 A/P

SEE "Mothers Love" the Lioness and her Cubs
Beautiful Companion Piece


Tom Tyers
Wisconsin Carver

"Wooden Featers" & "Feathered Friends"